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download A Map, a Mirror and a Wristwatch.pdf pdf 172.4 KB 20-07-12
download Against School, by John Taylor Gatto.pdf pdf 112.8 KB 20-07-12
download american shool history.pdf pdf 2.2 MB 20-07-12
download Beyond Money - Deschooling and a New Society.rtf rtf 26.0 KB 20-07-12
download Confederacy of Dunces.pdf pdf 163.0 KB 20-07-12
download John Taylor Gatto - A Schooling is Not An Education.mp3 mp3 11.0 MB 20-07-12 Interview on New Signals, KPFK AM Radio, Los Angeles, by Barbara Dunlap.
download John Taylor Gatto - Beyond Columbine.avi avi 298.6 MB 20-07-12 Very good presentation he made with audience in a Barnes & Noble Bookstore in New York - about the gruesome event at the school in Columbine.
download John Taylor Gatto - Beyond Columbine.mp3 mp3 25.6 MB 20-07-12 Audio of the above
download John Taylor Gatto - Classrooms of the Heart - 1991.mp4 mp4 74.1 MB 20-07-12 Fantastic documentary about his last year as a teacher in New York City
download John Taylor Gatto - Classrooms.png png 60.2 KB 20-07-12 Picture from above movie.
download John Taylor Gatto - George Noory - Education Kills Creativity In Children - 2004.06.12.mp3 mp3 52.4 MB 20-07-12 Interviewed by George Noory on Coast to Coast AM Radio, John Gatto gives answers and insights to education and politics very worth listening to.
download John Taylor Gatto - Washington Journal - Public Education.mp3 mp3 7.3 MB 20-07-12 Live interview. JTG answers callers.
download Nine Assumptions, Twenty-one Facts.pdf pdf 103.4 KB 20-07-12
download Public School Nightmare.pdf pdf 134.2 KB 20-07-12
download Six Lesson Schoolteacher.pdf pdf 144.0 KB 20-07-12
download The Exhausted School.pdf pdf 79.8 KB 20-07-12
download The Problem of Schooling.pdf pdf 73.2 KB 20-07-12
download The Psychopathic School.pdf pdf 89.7 KB 20-07-12
download Thoughts on Education.pdf pdf 245.6 KB 20-07-12
download We Need Less School, not More.pdf pdf 155.5 KB 20-07-12